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Richard Mille Skull Tourbillon RM 52-01


The Richard Mille Skull Tourbillon is a remarkable timepiece with a reference number of RM 52-01. This manual-winding watch features a case crafted from TZP Ceramic and Carbon Nanotubes, showcasing a perfect blend of durability and innovation. Its bracelet is made of rubber, ensuring comfort and style. The baseplate and bridges take the form of a grade 5 titanium skull. The upper and lower jaws hold the ruby of the tourbillon cage. With a case diameter of 43mm x 50mm, this 2016 model exudes a timeless appeal. Despite being pre-owned, its condition is rated as great, and it comes with the original box and papers, enhancing its collectible value.
*Richard Mille Skull Tourbillon watch is a limited edition of 30 pieces.

Reference number: RM 52-01
Model: RM 52-01
Movement: Manual Winding
Case material: TZP Ceramic and Carbon Nanotubes
Bracelet Material: Rubber
Dial: Skeletonized
Case Diameter: 43mm x 50mm
Year: 2016
Condition: Pre-owned (great)
Box & Papers: Original box, original papers

Across diverse realms of human history, the skull has emerged as an iconic symbol, conveying various meanings, from purely visual representations to expressions of diverse beliefs and ideologies. Unveiled in 2012, the RM 52 Skull serves as a tangible embodiment of these concepts. Richard Mille Skull Tourbillon is an innovative timepiece embodies the essence of liberty and nonconformity, aligning seamlessly with the brand's philosophy. With cutting-edge technique, exceptional performance, and meticulous hand-finishing, the RM 52 Skull stands as a true masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie, showcasing the brand's commitment to excellence.

The foundation of the RM 52-01 Skull is intricately designed, with the baseplate and bridges crafted in the distinctive form of grade 5 titanium, resembling a skull. Notably, the upper and lower jaws of this unique timepiece securely cradle the ruby of its tourbillon cage.

The RM 52-01 Skull is equipped with the RM 52 manual winding tourbillon caliber built on a baseplate in PVD-treated grade 5 titanium. The PVD-treated titanium provides excellent rigidity and perfectly flat surfaces, and has been subjected to a range of tests before being approved. But that is where comparisons with the RM 52 end: the skull and back of the skull are now sculpted from 5N red gold and are hand-bevelled. For the case, Richard Mille has used an unprecedented composite material known as nano-ceramic.

The three-part case is very light and jet-black in colour. It is assembled using an average of 20 spline screws in grade 5 titanium. The DLC-treated torque-limiting crown provides the finishing touch.
We also have the limited-edition Richard Mille Skull Watch available.